2nd IBMC Global Gold Convention

Following strict Government Guidelines, Security Measures, protocols and approvals, the GCC’s Largest Gold Convention “GLOBAL GOLD CONVENTION 2020” in HYBRID MODE (Physical & Online Attendance) will take place at:

Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

On 23rd November, 2020 (Monday) from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm




Register for virtual participation online until 22 November 2020. Please click here
Physical participation is very limited, any specific interest to be addressed to Mr Simon Büschi, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain via simon.bueschi@eda.admin.ch.



GLOBAL GOLD CONVENTION 2020, the second edition after the stupendously successful Convention in 2019, has been designed as an International event attended by Ministers, Diplomats, top Industry Leaders from gold mines, refineries, jewelers, traders, import export companies across the world.

With greater focus on diversification of the business in the country and the region, gold industry will have a greater role to play in the non-oil business in the UAE. This initiative will provide even greater support to global gold mines, exporters and traders to explore UAE business and trade opportunities. With industry-wide participation, the Convention is expected to act as a catalyst to trigger discussion on potential Joint ventures opportunities for both UAE and SWITZERLAND.

The major objective of the event is to create a platform to showcase the entire gamut of Gold trade and business activities in the UAE and enable participants to explore potential opportunities available globally in Gold businesses by connecting the UAE as a major hub.

The scope of this year’s conference is widened and opened up to global gold economies to explore innovative and secured business and investment opportunities from the UAE. We have lined up separate sessions for the newly launched US DIGITAL & STABLE GOLD CURRENCY, SME Economy e-Marketplace Platform for Secured Gold Business, Expo 2021 avenues and select Country Focused Industry Sessions from 33 anticipated participating countries, including Israel. globalgoldconvention.com


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