“Sustainable Fashion: A Moment or a Movement?”

The EEG is organizing its 1st Panel Discussion of the year in Dubai on the 20th of February under the topic of Sustainable Fashion: A Moment or a Movement? The panel discussion will aim to foster an open conversation about all aspects of the fashion industry from the production of textiles, the sustainability of the materials, the behavioral aspects of consumption, the textile waste and more.

The idea of ethical and close-looped fashion is growing due to the concerns of fast fashion polluting river, lake and ocean biodiversity with microfibers, creating transportation emissions, exploitation of disadvantaged factory workers, non-recyclability of mixed materials, and burning stocks instead of selling at a cheaper price to protect high profile brand identities.

Fast fashion and luxury fashion are ever-growing movements in the UAE and contributes to their known effects of degradation. UAE retailers are also implementing ethical methods such as using sustainable cotton for the production of their clothing line. Lesser known brands that practice sustainable methods are also emerging in the UAE. In order to accelerate the awareness and implementation of sustainable fashion in the UAE, smaller sustainable fashion organisations would need to be supported to expand and there needs to be a higher public education regarding this issue.

To register, kindly visit this link: //forms.gle/Vu9WK5GS4GPyTnUe7 or email the EEG Team directly, contacts on below flyer.

Venue: Modul University, Dubai (JLT),  Google link to location: //g.page/moduluniversitydubai?share

Sustainable Fashion