SBC Abu Dhabi

Dear SBC Members,

Since 1995 Swiss citizens living abroad have the right to vote. But, unfortunately we often receive the necessary documents too late. We, therefore fully support the petition proposed by the “Swiss Abroad” organisation.

I would consequently, really appreciate it if all Swiss citizens in your company with a  registered residence abroad would sign the petition shown below.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Jean-Marc Suter, President SBC Abu Dhabi
Peter Harradine, President SBC Dubai & Northern Emirates




Sign the Petition now:
E-Voting for all Swiss Abroad


Dear compatriots,

Support the online petition calling on the Federal Council and parliament to make electronic voting accessible to all Swiss Abroad by 2021.

The online petition launched by the Swiss Abroad organisation at the 96th Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Visp aims to enable all Swiss Abroad to take part in votes and elections. They often receive their documentation too late and are therefore unable to exercise their political rights.


The online petition can be signed on the website until 28 November 2018.

We will then submit the petition to the Federal Chancellery on 30 November 2018.

Further information on the petition’s starting point, justification and aim can be found on the website in English, German, French, and Italian.

We would like to ask you to forward this e-mail and to encourage all Swiss Abroad who you know to sign the petition.

Thank you very much for your support.