Swiss Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates

We have hinted before that something unique was happening and here it is. The Swiss cow has been painted by the artist, Lynn Valance! A big thank you to Lynn for not only painting the cow but also answering a couple questions.

  1. What influences your style?: The world is a great influence. If you walk through the world with open eyes everything from a simple flower to the world’s highest building can be inspiring.
  2. What did you think about the UAE before you came here and what has changed?: I only knew Dubai from what we see on TV. When I came here I was amazed at how multicultural the city is. I really like it here but it is very different from Switzerland.
  3. What is the most unique “canvas” you have worked on?: Before the cow it was a shipping container and Bulgari perfume bottles worth hundreds of Francs. This cow though is the most unique because of all of its curves which makes it technically challenging.
  4. What piece of art should every person see at least once?: That is a very difficult question. There are so many inspiring pieces and artists. I love Andy Warhol and looking at street art because it is made by someone for everyone to enjoy and I find that very inspiring as a concept and an act.Autumn Newsletter 2017