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Following numerous articles published in the papers on Thursday and over the weekend, there is some confusion in the market and some misreporting.

The position of the DHA is that there is no extension to the deadline for either companies or individuals. 

The DHA have simply said there is a “grace period” until the end of the year, whereby they will not seek to impose fines on individuals who have not put in place compliant health insurance for any of their dependents (these include non-working spouses, children, parents and any privately sponsored domestic workers).

From 1st July onwards companies with less than 100 employees, will be in breach of the law and will be eligible for fines if they do not insure their employees.

From 1st July onwards individuals who do not insure their dependents, will be in breach of the law, but they have a “grace period” until the end of the year before fines will be sought.

Visa renewals (Company and/or Individual) are being linked to having compliant Health Insurance in place, so irrespective of the “grace period” private sponsors may face problems renewing visas if they don’t have compliant health insurance in place.

With the numerous government departments involved there is a lot of information and circumstances that can arise around these rules, where there is simply no black and white answer and possible inconsistencies may exist.

As an Insurance Broker the best advice we can currently give to our clients who fall under phase 3, is that first and foremost Health Insurance provides vital protection, both physically and financially.

Therefore, it is important to have Health Insurance in place and not because of compliance.  Secondly to guarantee no fines and/or visa renewal issues, best advice to comply with the original deadline as the law is in place and there has been no extension to the deadline.

For further information or assistance with finding the right medical insurance plan for your business or family, please contact Mr Robert-Paul van Tol by sending an email to