Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health and Addictions


Thursday 01 June 2023, 02:00 PM 
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Mental Health & Addiction are interconnected. Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress may lead to addiction, yet there is always a chance to minimize the consequences and avoid a more complicated situation through preventive measures.  In this session, organised by the SBC Health Group, our guest speakers will help the audience better understand this link, what is happening physically and mentally, what are the risk factors, how addiction manifests, what are the issues and possible consequences connected. But also, not to be too grim - what can be done about it. The audience will have an overview of what are the options for help and how to find a suitable support and solution for the individual and their family. The main purpose is to engage the audience and make it easy to consume i.e. not too medical.  


Join us on Thursday 01 June 2023 at 2 PM (UAE Time) / 12 PM (SWISS Time) to find out more on the subject from our expert speakers Oliver Neubert and Dr. Terry Spokes from member company NEOVIVA AG. 


About the presenter - Oliver Neubert

MSc in Addiction Studies

Founder & Chairman of NEOVIVA

Following a career in communications and leading projects for multinational corporations, Oliver decided to turn his talents to something more meaningful and has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2011. NEOVIVA is the result of a long personal journey that began with his own recovery from addiction over 35 years ago. He has a Master’s Degree in Addiction Studies from King’s College London and is certified as a postgraduate in Addiction Psychology and Counselling. 

About the presenter - Dr. Terry Spokes

D Clin Psych (University of Oxford), PGDip in Clinical Neuropsychology (University of Glasgow)

Program Director at NEOVIVA

Terry is a highly experienced clinical psychologist with expertise in addiction, trauma, and neuropsychology. He has worked with several addiction treatment providers in Europe and Asia, in a director or consultant capacity. Terry also speaks at international conferences on addiction, supervises research projects, and has appeared as an expert guest on radio shows and podcasts.


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