Webinar series in collaboration with SBC member Targeto

Digital Content Marketing

Digital Marketing - Session 2

For the coming months, together with our member Targeto, the SBC will provide a full overview of how to promote a business online nowadays from the strategy to the implementation to the attendees.

Session 2:

Define your Digital Customer Avatar

Definition of the most profitable avatar and its needs


What We Will Discuss

When you approach the digital world and you want to define your Digital Marketing strategy, you need to start with the most important thing. Your ideal client. In this session we are going to focus in defining your ideal digital customer, developing the customer avatar and understanding exactly how to approach him and where.

About the speaker

Nicolo Augusto Manica, TargetoNicolò Manica, International Speaker, Digital Start-up Investor and Digital Content Marketing Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Nicolò was born with an innate capacity of thinking outside the box. Since the early years he has tried to find more efficient to solutions to every life’s issue he got, from school to private life. Moreover, his desire of freedom, has let him deciding always in a disruptive way.

Nicolò, after graduating in Management engineering at Politecnico university in Milan, worked in different environments and cultures, from US to China, in order to spread his global vision. He also obtained 2 Masters, one in International management at Esade Business school in Barcelona (Spain) and another one in International Business at Queen’s university in Kingston (Canada).

He started his entrepreneurial path as digital marketer while in university, and actually paid for his master’s degrees with the profits he generated from his marketing campaigns.

After university, he evolved into the E-commerce world, where he continued his success. The ability to generate consistent success through digital marketing helped him become influencer in the digital marketing industry, with thousands of young European entrepreneurs looking to him for guidance and motivation.

Nicolò was able to use his knowledge and strategies to create successful companies. Nicolò is founder of Targeto an international recognized Digital Marketing agency which helped politicians and business in develop their marketing strategies online. Moreover, he is founder of uDroppy, a B2B ecommerce marketplace which helps Ecommerce brands in finding reliable products to source. And, a digital training platform which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in establishing digital business with the guidance of the trainings offered in the platform.

His efforts and achievements helped him in becoming an international speaker since 2017,  a recognized Facebook Ads Mentor and an University professor of Digital Content Marketing Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management as the latest milestone.

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TargetoAbout Tageto: .
Targeto was born to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed in the internet marketing. During the years, the team has developed an extensive experience in designing, building and scaling digital marketing campaigns. These were the same skills that helped the Founders in their own entrepreneurial adventures globally. Today, Targeto hands this knowledge to businesses that are seeking success in the digital world.

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