Webinar series in collaboration with SBC member Targeto

Digital Content Marketing

Webinar SBC-Targeto - November

For the coming months, together with our member Targeto, the SBC will provide a full overview of how to promote a business online nowadays from the strategy to the implementation to the attendees.

Session 3:

Build Your Customer Value Journey

Explain and Analyze every step of the Customer Journey in order to define a plan and a strategy for your business


What We Will Discuss

A Customer Value Journey is the heart of any marketing plan. This is the process every prospect goes through to become a new customer. Once a target audience has been identified, we need to define the steps necessary to transform online prospects into paying customers. In this session we will go through the key elements of any Customer Value Journey, and we will explain the step-by-step process to create one.


About the speaker

Flavio Sbriglia, TargetoFlavio Sbriglia, Executive VP of Operations | Director at Targeto

Flavio Sbriglia is the Co-Founder of, Digital Entrepreneur and International Marketing Consultant. Flavio will explain how every organisation can start building a value journey online to convert prospects into customers.





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Webinar partner

TargetoAbout Tageto: .
Targeto was born to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed in the internet marketing. During the years, the team has developed an extensive experience in designing, building and scaling digital marketing campaigns. These were the same skills that helped the Founders in their own entrepreneurial adventures globally. Today, Targeto hands this knowledge to businesses that are seeking success in the digital world.

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