Federal decree no 332021 concerning the new labour law - Webinar - 17 Jan 2022 (1)

Federal decree no 33/2021 concerning the new labour law

Join us on Monday 17 January, 2022 at 2 PM (UAE Time) to find out more from our expert speaker Mohamed Elmasry from Alsuwaidi & Company.

This webinar aims at highlighting and explaining the key changes incorporated into the new labour law. While providing a comparison between the current law and the new Law that shall take effect 02/02/2022, the attendees will be guided on how to be in compliance with the law’s amendments and how to implement the same in their internal policies. Bearing in mind that non-compliant companies might be at risk of getting fined with AED 1,000,000 from MOHRE.

Learning objectives

By the conclusion of the training, the attendees whether employer or employees will have a better understanding on the below points:

  1. New work Patterns
  2. Employments Contracts and Adjustment of Situations
  3. Probation Period
  4. Holidays and Leaves
  5. Disciplinary actions and investigations
  6. End of Service Gratuity

About the presenter

Mohamed Elmasry, Alsuwaidi & Company: Mohamed joined Alsuwaidi & Company’s Dubai office as an associate in 2019. His strong commercial background gives Mohamed a distinctive edge in his handling of clients’ disputes. He has built a strong reputation in achieving successful outcomes for clients engaged in employment, rental, real estate, commercial and construction dispute matters. Mohamed’s clients include regional, international, and local companies operating across all sectors including, aviation, technology, oil and gas, retail, construction, and real estate development. Mohamed has a natural instinct and takes a measured approach to creatively overcomes hurdles in pursuit of his clients’ interest. He takes the time to understand his clients’ business so that the solutions he offers, ensure his clients come out on top.

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