10 Surprising Aspects of UAE Labour Law

When it comes to the Labour Law of the United Arab Emirates, the answers to many questions are not as straight forward as one might think. Therefore, we will shed light on ten surprising aspects of local employment regulations. After having attended the presentation, you will be aware of important legal particularities during the different stages of an employment relationship.



8:30-9:00am Registration and networking

9:00-9:45/10:00am presentation

Remaining time for Q+A


About the presenter

Lisa Merod is a German qualified lawyer and an accredited legal consultant in Dubai. At ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY, Lisa advises small and medium-sized companies, corporations as well as individuals on UAE law with a special focus on employment law. Lisa’s expertise includes drafting and reviewing employment contracts, bonus agreements and employee handbooks as well as assessing individual employment matters, such as calculations of end-of-service benefits.