Today’s business dealings are becoming more complex and diverse owing to the increase in number of transactions and involvement of various stakeholders with unique business processes. In order to facilitate ease of business, attract clients, and build relationships with different stakeholders, companies try to adopt by providing flexible terms. Despite the well-meaning gesture and practicality of extending credit, businesses encounter bad debts, which may challenge the fiscal health of a company and which may be a source of further complications. In this regard, businesses must establish a policy on avoiding and handling bad debts.

The Seminar will explore ways on how to avoid or minimize exposure to bad debts and how to handle them once incurred. It will discuss practical safeguards to prevent debts from becoming bad debts, mitigating the effects of bad debts, and various ways of dealing with bad debts to address the fiscal health as well as maintain business relationships.


Learning objectives

By the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize bad debts and its detrimental effect to the business;
  • Be familiar with means of avoiding bad debts;
  • Know how to mitigate effects of bad debts;
  • Know the measures and remedies which may be taken to deal with bad debts.



  • 9:00-9:30am Registration and networking with fresh pastries & fruits
  • 9:30-10:15/10:30am Presentation
  • Remaining time for Q+A


About the presenter

Mohammed R. Alsuwaidi is the Managing Partner of Alsuwaidi & Company. He is a renowned advocate and arbitrator whose practice includes Oil and Gas, Criminal, Civil, and Commercial Litigation, Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, and local and international Commercial Arbitration. He is praised for his responsiveness and comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

Suneer Kumar is a Senior Associate at Al Suwaidi & Company. He has a wealth of experience on corporate, commercial, employment, real estate, personal status, IT legal mandates and oil and gas industry. He notably advises various local and international clients regarding different types of civil obligations in UAE and outside UAE and consistently impress clients with his commercial and practical approach to legal advice.