Joint Business Group Webinar

Organisational Transformation
Process Re-engineering for Remote Work & the Digital Age

Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 12 hrs GST


Join the Swiss Business Council in collaboration with the Australian Business Group for a webinar with GHD.

During these uncertain times, organizations are encountering the need to streamline and digitize like never before. With physical restrictions in place and financial pressures looming, it is critical for organizations to be building their resilience and managers to be armed with the tools to protect their business. During this webinar, we will be discussing key strategies to identifying not just the critical roles but also the critical processes which make up your organization. Based on these insights, managers will be able to make more informed decisions and prioritize the digitization of these processes. Emerging thought leadership around remote work will be shared along with topical case studies.



Salma Bin Breik  |  Advisory Lead
Salma is a Chartered Environmentalist currently employed by GHD Abu Dhabi, as the Advisory Leader. Salma has over 14 years’ experience working in the UAE and the Gulf region. She was previously also employed by the Environment Agency. Salma is currently Project Director / Project Manager for several EHS projects. Salma has delivered projects for Clients in Health, Property and Buildings and Transportation Sectors as well as for Government Agencies.

Amani El Sehrawey O’Neill  |  Senior Advisor for Government and Policy
Amani specializes in working with Middle Eastern governments, in designing and implementing projects focused on building capacity of the public sector, with a focus on organizational design, leadership, and policy. By coupling cultural competence with both Arab and Western audiences with a robust academic and professional background in public policy and public leadership, Amani currently works at GHD in the advisory practice, where she focuses on public sector transformation and capacity building. She is passionate about developing new ways to approach leadership, public policy and economic growth in the region.

Noor Badri  |  Advisor
Noor is an experienced management consultant, working with a wide range of cross-border clients. She Noor is an experienced management consultant in change management, organisational transformations and business process reviews. She demonstrates a strong ability to prioritise and provide advice based on best practices for various complex situations.

Dina Al Kayyali  |  Advisor
Dina is a logistics and supply chain specialist currently employed by GHD as an advisor. Dina has gained local experience in logistics, procurement and supply chain optimization and data management. Dina has been involved on projects including supply chain, procurement optimization, trade facilitation, industrial development and construction sectors.


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