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SBC Swiss Business Council freelancer subscription


Take your freelance career to new heights by joining the Swiss Business Council UAE. As a member, you'll be part of an exclusive network of professionals and gain access to a wide range of resources and events to help you grow your business and make valuable connections. A UAE trade license is required for this category.

Who can apply

Freelancers, consultants or professionals (1 Person Business) who are residing in the UAE. This category is only applicable for very small companies in the UAE with no more than 2 persons (one executive + one employee) provided that they are not part of larger companies in either Switzerland or any other part of the world and who are either Swiss citizens or have a clear link to Switzerland.

Nationals of any other country which the Executive Committee judge to be eligible due to a genuine interest in Swiss / UAE commercial relations are also eligible to join in this category, provided there is a UAE trade license and Swiss link.

Professional Plan

AED 1260/year
1 delegate
1 vote

SBC Website
Full listing profile (30 words)
Company logo included in profile

Membership directory
Updated every 2 years
Full listing (30 words)
Advertorial prices upon request

Events attendance
1 member


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