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Swiss Business Council individual


Connect and network with like-minded people in the UAE with our Social membership! As a member, you'll have access to various social, cultural and networking events to meet and build relationships with other community members. Join now and expand your social circle in the UAE!  In case you wish to attend business events, a membership plan under a company would be necessary.

Who can apply

Swiss citizens who are residing in the UAE and who would like to be involved with the Swiss business community in a social capacity.

Please note that this membership type is not a business membership aimed at promoting your business or the company you're working for. Only social and cultural events can be accessed.

It is solely an opportunity to extend your social network and participate in events.

Social Plan

AED 630/year
1 delegate

SBC Website
Personal details and picture only

Membership directory
Personal name and picture only
Advertorial prices upon request

Events attendance
1 member



Don't fit in this plan?

If you don't fit into this selection of membership plans, you may find these other membership plans interesting. 

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