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Red Bull 28 Apr 2023

Red Bull x Wings For Life World Run 2023 - Run for those who can't


Red Bull is requesting your attention for a special event that they are organizing; The Wings For Life World Run, which will take place on the 7th of May at 3 PM at the Expo City, Dubai.
What is the run about and what makes it so unique:
•    It takes place worldwide at exactly the same time with more than 190 participating countries.
•    What is unique is the finish line; there isn’t one! Instead, you’re chased by the (virtual) catcher car on your app, which will gradually catch the participants. Once overtaken, you finish your race.
•    100% of the entry fees & donations go to the Wings for Life Foundation to do research and finally find a cure for spinal cord injuries.
Want to know more? Click the below link to view the full presentation explaining what the 'Wings for Life Foundation' is about and explaining the mechanism of this unique run: